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Posted on: 11/09/18

Custom embroidered patches are one of the many ways an insignia or decoration can be placed on fabric. The first step is creating a base for the patch which is a basic shape cut from fabric. Patch makers are able to use machinery to mass produce even very detailed patches for tailors designers or manufacturers who need a large quantity of the custom embroidered patches in a short amount of time.

It is not easy to make embroidered patches and one must have a great deal of patience to create them. Military uniforms still require them and many individuals enjoy the look of these custom insignias for their jackets and hats. The purpose may be to identify the wearer an affiliation or brand or it can e to simply decorate the article. Soon they became a hit in the arts and crafts industry as well as fashion and military. People who buy custom patches will usually want certain words or sayings on them as well as an insignia Tricot Interlining or logo.

These were applied to shoes bags shirts coats and many other items. Both the American and British military began using them in the 1800s for applying name and rank insignia in the sleeves of uniforms.While they have been around for centuries embroidered patches are still in use today. The details are then sketched on this fabric as a reference to use during the needlework. This fashion statement took off from there becoming popular for creating decorations on home fashions such as tapestries and cushions.

Fashion labels began using them as a means to assert brand identity sewing their logos on many garments in their clothing lines. This usage gained the attention of other industries and in short time the patches became popular in fashion as well. The hand made variety are time-consuming but technology has made this task much more efficient and less painstaking. These emblems are used to adorn a wide array of items such as hats bags jeans T-shirts socks flags uniforms and shoes. A lot of folks still sew or iron them on purses tote bags pillow cases backpacks and even bandannas or handkerchiefs as well. 

There will be a lot of different threads used when filling it in and these threads will have a particular color texture sheen and fiber count as well as any other qualities that the craftsman desires. Many families enjoyed using custom patches created from their own traditional family crests to place their mark on upholstered home items. Classic embroidered patches are sewn to clothing but many people now prefer the kind that can be applied using a hot iron.The original use for embroidered patches was for handkerchiefs flags and uniforms


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